“I’ve had a lot of work done and I’m happy with it. Dr. Monticciolo is very good at what he does.”

Jerry Legliotta

Jerry had previously suffered a terrible experience with a dentist, leaving him weary of seeing another one for 30 years. However, Dr. Monticciolo and his staff have helped Jerry with multiple procedures and because of sedation dentistry, he’s happy to be smiling again. Jerry recommends sedation dentistry to anyone who may be afraid or hesitant to seek dental care

“If I have to go to the dentist, this is the only way for me to go.”

Dianne Williams

Before visiting Monticciolo Family Dentistry + Sedation, just the thought of the dentist made Dianne uncomfortable. When she heard about sedation dentistry, Dianne wanted to learn more so she scheduled a consult. Upon arrival, she immediately felt as though the staff understood her fear and cared about helping her feel more comfortable.

“The doctor comes in to say hello, and the next thing you know you’re done and on your way home.”

John Desiderio

John went to Dr. Monticciolo after years of putting off taking care of his teeth. Though he was hesitant, sedation dentistry made the whole process easier. His nerves disappeared, and he was able to get the care he needed.

“I would recommend sedation to anyone with problems with their teeth that doesn’t want to go through the fear and pain.”

Paul Williams

Once Paul tried sedation dentistry, he couldn’t believe how simple and painless the process was. He was used to the old way of things and avoided the dentist to not have to go through drilling and filling. Paul’s dental condition was steadily worsening, but Dr. Monticciolo was able to help him regain his health.

“Everybody’s smile is important and they genuinely care about my son.”

Wafa Ishaq

Wafa’s son Basil is handicapped and doesn’t allow anyone to touch his face and mouth. Going to the dentist was nearly impossible, but Dr. Monticciolo has been able to care for Basil through sedation dentistry with great success.

Stacey L

Being a healthcare provider myself, unfortunately I’ve always been afraid of dental work. Being sedated allowed me to get it all done in one day and to not have to be afraid. The whole team was AMAZING! I hope to not need to have extensive work done anytime soon, but if I do I would definitely come back here!

Dennis A.

I didn’t feel a thing. Woke up and everything was finished. I would recommend to anyone who has a fear of dentist.

Terri C.

I was scared to walk into a dentist and thanks to Dr. Monticciolo sedation and his team I will no longer wait for dental care. I was put under sedation and all my work was completed and I have had no memory of the work and key for me was NO PAIN!

Dawn M.

Sedation is the answer if you have any anxiety at all about going to the dentist. The staff is like having a friend to hold your hand. Get sedated today!

Temple A.

Everyone is always so warm and friendly. They did everything to make sure I was calm and comfortable. After my procedure I was really surprised to get a call from Dr. Monticciolo himself. He called to check on me. Not his assistant, not a staff member, the doctor himself. That really made me feel special and cared for. Thank you all!

Ken C.

The doctors and staff are AWESOME! They really know how to take great care of you! Finally found a dentist I trust! The sedation is highly recommended.

Rebecca B.

Dr. Monticciolo seems to hand pick the most efficient team that have ninja-like qualities and do whatever the need to make you smile. And everyone knows you think you are right at house and home. I will be with Dr. Monticciolo forever! He is really like family. When I think safe and little pain is the way I have to go. After my sedation the doctor called that night to make sure of how I was doing! What class! Concern for me!

Corey M.

I always feel comfortable during my visits. The work done is always high quality and very professional. The staff is top notch.

Dianna R.

Excellent care and service from the front office to back office staff. No pain whatsoever from the extractions. Definitely recommend this office and Dr. Monticciolo for all dental needs. I am super happy with my results. Be at ease knowing all your dental needs will be met and the best part is not remembering any pain!

Stacey D.

They were very professional, kind and supportive in my dental care. Far too often I felt judged for delaying dental care and this team did not make me feel bad. Sedation was the only way I could complete my dental care plan. I slept through the whole procedure and was in minimal discomfort when I woke up.